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Omands Creek Group Ride

Omand's Creek group rides will depart from Portage Avenue Church at 1420 Portage Avenue. There is parking available on Raglan Rd. 

King's Park

Kings Park is located on Kings Drive just south of the University of Manitoba. There are two parking areas in the park. We will depart from the larger parking lot. 

Burr Oak Trail

The Burr Oak Trail is located off of South Drive. There is a picnic shelter located at the trailhead. There are approximately 7.5km of off-road singletrack trails to explore.

West View Park

West View Park (AKA Garbage Hill). The West View Park Group Ride will depart from the Protage Avenue Church parking lot. We will ride to the hill from the starting area.

Seine River Trials

The Seine River Trail group ride will depart from the corner of Rue Messager and Rue Saint Joseph. We will ride through Whittier Park and south along the Seine River.

St Norbert Trails

We are pleased to debut the St. Norbert Trails as a ride location. A small, dedicated group of riders have been building and developing these trails over the last few years. It is now time to show it to the world. Please be mindful when accessing this location to respect private property and not trespass.