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Where are all the bikes?

The cycling industry experienced a major boom in 2020,
and across the globe stores like Bikes and Beyond were along for the ride.

Over the past year we've been thrilled to help so many new cyclists discover the joy of riding a bike, and we were stoked to see some Friends-of-the-Shop upgrade to their dream rides.   

Those who endured the socially-distanced line ups in spring of 2020 were often rewarded with that 'New Bike Day' feeling that lasted all summer.  When our fat bike inventory rolled in the fall, it quickly rolled back out to explore the networks of groomed winter trails and crush snow covered bike lanes.

Ian with a new Tri-Rider from Belize Bicycle Company

Schayla with her new 2021 Liv Devote

Spencer with his Trek Roscoe ready for the trails.

And now for 2021...

The impact of the increased demand experienced by the cycling industry during 2020 is still being felt as we sprint into a busy Spring 2021.  If you are used to visiting the bike store in springtime to browse our showroom full of shiny new models, that won't be the case this year.  Inventory and part shortages mean we will be receiving less product than we've had access to in previous years, and challenges at many points along the supply chain means that inventory will be arriving slower than we'd all like.

Many popular models are nearly sold out and won't make it to the showroom floor when they arrive. While much of our bicycle inventory will now be arriving pre-sold, we have some options still available.   

How do I buy a bike in 2021?

We are your local bike shop, and we're here to help.  

We recommend first narrowing down what you're looking for by thinking about what you'll be using your bike for, and where you'll be riding.  Not sure what bike is best for you? Visit our showroom or connect with us by email or phone to chat with a salesperson. 

See what we have available in store at anytime by viewing our website and filtering by 'In Stock'.

Ok, I have an idea.  Now what?

If the bike you're interested in is available in 2021,  a salesperson will help you secure it with a deposit.   Due to the unique circumstances of bike sales this year, we will not be able to place holds on bikes yet to arrive without deposits.  

The right bike for you might be worth the wait, and we can help you arrange a pre-order for a bike that will be available in 2022.  

When will my new bike arrive?

You're excited, we're excited - but unless your new bike was already waiting for you on the showroom floor, there will likely be a wait.  

For some models,  you may just have to wait a few days while we get it built up from it's shipping box. Other models may be arriving in a few weeks, or several months.  While we try to give you the most accurate ETA available at the time of purchase, we have experienced some ETA's change.  Please call us to check on the latest information available regarding your bike.  

What happens when my bike arrives at the store?

Your bike will be queued up to be built by one of our bike builders, who will call you when it is ready to go.  Upon pick up, your bike will be checked over by one of our professionally trained mechanics, and your sales person will help you select any accessories, apparel or tools you may need.

After that's done,
we highly suggest
 going for a bike ride!