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"Bike season" doesn't have to end Whether you're cycling for transport or for play, (or a combination of both), ride all year round with the right gear and some seasoned advice.  Here is our Bikes and Beyond guide to winter riding, outside. 

Fat Bikes

Ride groomed trails, or tackle your commute on a fat bike. These bikes typically have tires that are between 3.8'' to 5'' wide, providing excellent floatation over packed snow. 

Fat bikes come in different frame materials and componentry builds, so you can pick the one that best serves your needs. Dropper posts improve body positioning on the bike while also making it easier to climb back on after a snowy spill.

Some fat bike tires will come equipped with studs, or will be designed as 'studdable', able to have studs installed on them at a later time.

Want to try one?  We offer fat bike rentals!

Winter Tires

For many urban winter commuters, studded tires are a must.  These tires include metal or carbide spikes to improve traction on icy surfaces.  Studded tires come in a variety of sizes and tread patterns to be installed on an existing compatible bike. 

Other options include tires made with a rubber compound that provides more flexibility and grip in the cold. 

Winter Helmets and Goggles

Protect yourself from the elements and potential impacts with a winter specific helmet and compatible goggles.  

Winter helmets equipped with adjustable venting allow for more dialed in temperature control - keeping the heat in when needed and released when not.  

Goggles with either tinted or clear lenses shield your eyes from wind, snow, sun and extreme temperatures.  Choose goggles that are compatible with your helmet for an exceptional and draft free fit. 

Keep your hands cozy!

Made for both flat bars and drop bars, pogies and bar mitts are designed to provide warmth while allowing you to have better dexterity and use of controls.  

Whether you're a mitt wearer, or a glove fan, there is an option for you.  Look for materials that are wind and water resistant, and breathable.  

Bikes and Beyond also carries battery operated options from Outdoor Research.  Come in store to try a pair on and feel the difference.  

Cold weather footwear

Keep the benefits of riding clipless even in the cold and wet.