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Hike MB Hike MB Books
$20.00 - $26.50
HIKE MANITOBA is a curated collection of 51 hikes – variable in distance from city centre and degree of difficulty – all within the Province of Manitoba. Hand-drawn maps. Trailhead locations + amenities. Stunning photos by local photographers/adventurers. Tidbits of information re: Leave No Trace principles, backcountry fire safety, and pooping in the woods. Finished size approx 5” x 7” coil-bound. Lightweight; great to carry in your pack. HIKE MANITOBA: WINTER EDITION is 90+ pages of carefully curated winter activities: fat biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hikes varying in distance from city centre and in degree of difficulty. The book also features winter sport etiquette, cold weather-specific LNT and safety principles, winter camp suggestions, and some very tasty winter recipes to keep you warm and cosy while out on an adventure. Hike Manitoba: Hike.Bike.Camp.Paddle. is a 120 page collection of hikes, bike and six paddle routes. ALL NEW TRAILS!!!!!!!! Leave No Trace principles. Backcountry camp info and advice. Hiking with dogs. Camping with dogs. Off-leash dog beaches. Beautiful photos. 12 family friendly hikes. The same care and attention from Hike Manitoba and Hike Manitoba: Winter. New recipes. Family friendly and accessible hikes. And more good stuff. Hike Manitoba: Petit guide de randonnées incontournables en français A collection of 11 of our best-loved hikes throughout Manitoba entirely in French. Tucked between the covers, you’ll find Leave No Trace principles and a sampling of some of the provinces’ most beautiful hikes. Set in the same familiar format as the previous Hike Manitoba books, en francais. Hike Manitoba: Little Explorers Edition Tucked between the covers of the Little Explorers edition are 25ish trails that have been hand-picked as suitable for new and little hikers. Highlights include accessible trails, trails with added features (beaches, playgrounds) and trails that are either shorter in length or less challenging… ranging up to the tough ones… including Black Lake! This 9km trail is tough but it’s flanked by a campground and swim area and makes for a perfect day on the trail. Pack a picnic and end the day with a swim! Author: Jaime Manness
Trek Gary Fisher and the Bicycle Revolution Autobiography
The unbelievable true story of a cycling icon Meet Gary Fisher, the maverick kid bike racer who lit up the Grateful Dead gigs who would eventually transform an industry by selling mountain biking to the world. Being Gary Fisher and the Bicycle Revolution is an autobiography of sorts. It's also a mind-blowing trip of ingenious innovation, dogged determination, and boundless energy. The biggest upgrade your bookshelf will get this year. - Get caught in Gary’s tales and his mission to bring the joy of cycling to all - Follow the birth of mountain biking and one of cycling's most iconic brands - Dive deep into Gary's vision of a bicycle-centric future for the world - 254 beautifully-designed pages - Co-written with popular cycling writer Guy Kesteven
Buddy Pegs B is for Bicycles
Finally, a children’s book focused on the benefits of the cycling lifestyle: health, freedom, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental stewardship. After 13 years as the owners of a local bike shop, Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald have launched their first children’s book project, B Is For Bicycles. Fall in love with these two dogs, and their animal friends, as they fall in love with cycling explore the alphabet, and learn what makes the bicycle (and local bike shops) so amazing. Illustrated in beautiful, original, watercolor art work, this hardcover book will quickly become the favorite at bedtime. Bring your customers’ passion for cycling to their kids’ story time! - Aimed at children ages 0-6 years old - Authors: Jannine and Scott Fitzgerald - Illustrator: Kathleen Hanson
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