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Salomon RS 7
A performance skating ski that delivers smooth glide and stable, easy skiing. Binding sold separately
Salomon RS 7 (and PROLINK ACCESS)
This is a performance skating ski set that delivers smooth glide and stable, easy skiing via the Powered Camber. The ski is delivered pre-mounted with the Prolink Access binding.
Salomon RS 8 (and PROLINK ACCESS)
The RS 8 is a versatile but fast ski that is lightweight and easy to ski on. Ideal for developing racers and high school athletes, its Powered Camber provides the optimum balance of stability and speed that young racers will love.
Salomon RS Junior Skate (with Prolink Binding)
The Salomon RS JUNIOR skating Nordic skis are perfect for children who want to compete with a lightweight, high-performance ski. This is possible thanks to the ski's construction. Its fiberglass-reinforced Densolite foam core makes it both very light and stable. The Salomon RS Junior skis are equipped with prolink race junior skate bindings. They are compatible with Prolink, NNN and Turnamic boots.
Salomon RS Skate
The RS Skate combines the key benefits of each S-LAB Skate models but uses a forgiving and lightweight D-Carbon core for improved ease of use and stability. With its versatile camber, G5 World Cup base and structure, the RS ensures a fast glide in all conditions.
Salomon S-LAB Carbon Skate
Incredibly lightweight, yet engineered to deliver power in its purest form, the S/LAB Carbon Skate takes your performance to the highest level. It excels in universal snow conditions.
Salomon S/Max Skate (and Prolink Shift Binding)
Salomon's S/Max Skate ski set is designed to help you take your skate skiing skills to the next level and raise to any challenge you set your mind to. Made to excel in all snow conditions, it’s delivered in pack with the Prolink Shift Race binding! Skating Elevate your speed and agility on groomed trails with Skate gear. Our responsive skis and supportive boots with firm soles ensure efficient power transmission. Lightweight bindings enable quick lateral movements, taking your skating experience to new heights.
Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate
Salomon S/Race Carbon Skate Nordic Skis are designed for the practice of cross-country skate skiing and competition, at an intermediate or advanced level, since they offer acceleration, stiffness, the excellent transmission of power, stability, and the fastest gliding on the market. These skis in snow have a G5 Universal sole that gives excellent performance on soft or hard snow and the Thin Ply Carbon construction comes with a 45° ripple that provides maximum stability, avoiding the possibility of twisting, and increasing the acceleration, also thanks to the World Cup Universal Griding technique. The core of these classic skis is made of ultralight composite honeycomb with carbon and fiberglass, which makes it lightweight. My Custom Ski technology allows you to choose one ski according to your weight. The required flex is provided by the D2FC system. These mountain skis are delivered pre-drilled so they are easier to attach to the SNS or Prolink bindings. Bindings sold separately. The S/RACE Carbon Skate takes your racing performance to the next level. It excels in cold snow conditions.
Fischer Aerolite Skate 60
Proven quality with a new look: The Aerolite Skate 60 shines thanks to its lightweight Air Core Basalite construction, Speed Grinding 2.0, and World Cup Pro base. With its weight advantage and excellent gliding properties, it the ideal entry-level skating ski. Binding sold separately
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