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Waxless Skis

Salomon ESCAPE 6 Skin (and PROLINK ACCESS)
$215.20 - $269.00 $269.00 Up to 20% Off
This is a sporty yet classic ski set designed for maximum stability and control. Its low heel-toe camber and SKINGRIP+ technology give it a secure, waxless grip. The ski is delivered pre-mounted with the safe Prolink Access Classic binding.
$319.20 - $399.00 $399.00 Up to 20% Off
The SNOWSCAPE 9 SKIN is built for fitness enthusiasts. Easy up and down, featuring the proven, silent, Skingrip+ technology. The ski is now also available with our own moveable binding.
$303.20 $379.00 20% Off
This ski is a great tool for developing your classic skiing skills with added confidence and maneuverability. Featuring an S-CUT shape for control and stability, this ski also eliminates the need for daily waxing thanks to its eSKINGRIP+ insert. Just grab your skis and go! Delivered premounted with Prolink Access Cl binding.
$127.20 - $159.00 $159.00 Up to 20% Off
The perfect choice for kids who want to experience classic performance, gain confidence and feel in control as they improve their skills. The AERO eSKIN JUNIOR construction gives them the support they need while the eSKINGRIP+ insert eliminates the hassle of daily waxing. Bindings sold separately
Salomon RC 8 eSKIN Hard + PSP
$367.20 $459.00 20% Off
Built for fast-gliding skiers who demand performance in various snow conditions, this ski lets you experience classic performance without the challenge of daily waxing. The eSKINGRIP+ insert delivers a precise, secure and silent grip. Must be paired with the Salomon Prolink Shift Pro Classic Binding
Salomon RC10 eSKIN Hard (and Prolink Shift)
$535.20 - $669.00 $669.00 Up to 20% Off
A training ski set with racing in its DNA, this skin ski is engineered so you can shift between both worlds with ease. The ski is delivered premounted with a Prolink Shift binding.
Altai Ski Hok
The Hok is designed as an easy to use ski for the backcountry. Its short wide dimensions makes the ski incredibly maneuverable, and the integrated climbing skin gives the Hok great traction for climbing.The right balance of running base and skin material makes the ski’s downhill speed manageable and easy to control. Bridging cross-country skis and snowshoes, the Hok combines the maneuverability and ease of use found in snowshoes with the ski’s efficiency of sliding forward rather then lifting and stepping with each stride. The Hok features a synthetic climbing skin integrated into the base of the ski, steel edges for durability, and a light weight cap construction. In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, we use, a sustainable paulownia wood corereinforced with a combination of organicnatural fibers and fiberglass. Simple graphics and natural fibers combine with design themes from the the Altai Mountains for a unique look. BINDINGS The skis comes with inserts matching the extended 75mm norm hole pattern. This is compatible with current 75mm 3pin bindings as well as the universal binding we are offering with the ski. Adapter plate that is compatible with Rottefella NNN BC and Solomon BC bindings available by special order.
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