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PNW Components Loam Lever Dropper Post Lever Kit

PNW Components Loam Lever Dropper Post Lever Kit
  • Color: Black/Black
  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Color: Black/Teal
  • Color: Grey/Black
  • Color: Grey/Grey
  • Color: Grey/Orange
  • Color: Grey/Red
  • Color: Grey/Teal
  • Color | Model: Grey/Black | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Grey/Black | SRAM MatchMaker X
  • Color | Model: Grey/Grey | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Grey/Grey | SRAM MatchMaker X
  • Color | Model: Grey/Orange | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Grey/Orange | SRAM MatchMaker X
  • Color | Model: Grey/Red | 22.2mm Hinge Clamp
  • Color | Model: Grey/Red | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Grey/Red | SRAM MatchMaker X
  • Color | Model: Grey/Teal | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Grey/Teal | SRAM MatchMaker X
  • Color | Model: Black/Grey | 22.2mm Hinge Clamp
  • Color | Model: Black/Grey | I-SPEC EV
  • Color | Model: Black/Grey | SRAM MatchMaker X
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Dropper post levers are something a lot of us overlook—we want our dropper to work but don't think about the button that makes the magic happen. After testing a bunch of levers, from the plastic ones to the ergonomically weird, even the best in class, we decided we could do better. So we made the Loam Lever. It's the most adjustable lever around, ensuring you can modify it to fit your exact ergonomic specifications. The lever's grippy, injection-molded pad has got your back in sloppy weather conditions. And, speaking of weather, we made sure the whole thing was as weatherproof as possible, meaning your lever won't squeak, bind up, or fail after being in the rain.

The Loam Lever Has 5 Key Characteristics:
1. Adjustability - We believe precision matters, this lever provides two forms of adjustment so you can dial-in your perfect placement. 
2. Weather Proof - Oversized high-quality sealed bearing paired with an additional seal and all stainless hardware for longevity and durability.
3. No-Slip Grip - Speaking of weather, the Loam Lever features a grippy, injection-molded thumb pad so you can drop or raise at the right time in even the sloppiest of conditions.
4. Techy AF - Custom CNC machining throughout the whole design of the Loam Lever for precision and weight reduction.
5. Direct Mount - Available in SRAM's MatchMaker X for Guide brakes and Shimano's I-Spec II for XTR M9000, XT M8000, SLX M7000, and DEORE M6046

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Grey/Black / 31.8mm Hinge Clamp 850005672302 LLGBR PNW48391496K
Grey/Black / I-SPEC EV 854469007762 LLGBE PNW52524394K
Grey/Black / I-SPEC II 854469007755 LLGBI PNW52681097K
Grey/Black / SRAM MatchMaker X 854469007724 LLGBM PNW48884205K
Grey/Grey / 31.8mm Hinge Clamp 850005672289 LLGGR PNW47383320Y
Grey/Grey / I-SPEC EV 854469007632 LLGGE PNW51744056Y
Grey/Grey / I-SPEC II 854469007441 LLGGI PNW51675062Y
Grey/Grey / SRAM MatchMaker X 854469007458 LLGGM PNW47921476Y
Grey/Orange / 31.8mm Hinge Clamp 850005672272 LLGOR PNW49585303E
Grey/Orange / I-SPEC EV 854469007625 LLGOE PNW53678440E
Grey/Orange / I-SPEC II 854469007427 LLGOI PNW53200249E
Grey/Orange / SRAM MatchMaker X 854469007472 LLGOM PNW49282055E
Grey/Red / 22.2mm Hinge Clamp 854469007717 LLGRS PNW4638727D
Grey/Red / 31.8mm Hinge Clamp 850005672265 LLGRR PNW46874734D
Grey/Red / I-SPEC EV 854469007779 LLGRE PNW50592313D
Grey/Red / I-SPEC II 854469007748 LLGRI PNW50115150D
Grey/Red / SRAM MatchMaker X 854469007731 LLGRM PNW463947D
Grey/Teal / 31.8mm Hinge Clamp 850005672296 LLGTR PNW47748983L
Grey/Teal / I-SPEC EV 854469007618 LLGTE PNW51892402L
Grey/Teal / I-SPEC II 854469007434 LLGTI PNW51636963L
Grey/Teal / SRAM MatchMaker X 854469007465 LLGTM PNW47387985L